Kids Corner

Hey Kids! Welcome to the Special Agent 9-1-1 kids Club!

Special Agent 9-1-1 first wants to thank you for visiting our website and we want to invite you to help us with your comments. If you have a special story to tell please send it to us and we will consider putting it up on our website for all your friends to see. Send us any pictures too!

Very soon you will see our new kids challenge section to help you learn more about the proper use of the 9-1-1 emergency number for fire, police and ambulance. Right now you can do our quiz and see how 9-1-1 smart you are! Try it and see. get all the questions right and you can print your own Special Agent 9-1-1 Smart certificate to put on your bedroon wall ! " Be Safe, Be 9-1-1 Smart"

Please remember never to dial 9-1-1 "to see what happens". Everytime 9-1-1 is used for a non-emergency someone else may not be able to get through to an operator when there are really in trouble.

Always remember that 9-1-1 is for Fire, Police and Ambulance emergencies when people are in serious trouble or something can seriously hurt you or others.

Coming very soon!!

We will soon have a collection of Special Agent 9-1-1 stickers available to collect to help you remember what 9-1-1 emergency is really for. Check back soon and see all the latest types available.

Do you know anyone who is your 9-1-1 Hero? Send us your story and we will be posting a list of Special Agent 9-1-1 Hero stories for everyone to share.

Available on Facebook and Twitter too! Tell all your friends to visit us at or

Also we will be giving away some Special Agent 9-1-1 t-shirts for kiddies and youth. Check back for details on how to win a free t-shirt with Special Agent 911 on front.

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