911 Statistics

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  • In Canada and the U.S. Over 60% of 9-1-1 emergency calls are made from cellular or wireless phones each year
  • In Canada and the United States annually between 50 to 90 percent of the calls to the 911 system are deemed non emergencies. This puts an extreme burden on the system and interferes with real calls for help.
  • Each year an estimated 200,000 calls go unanswered at the 911 system in Los Angeles. That means that if 10% of the calls were emergencies then 20000 true emergency calls were not answered. How many people could die needlessly because of this?
  • In Los Angeles an audit of the 911 system has revealed that about 85 percent of the 4.9 million calls a year that flood the system we're not actual emergencies.
  • Years ago when the City of New York installed a new one hundred and fifty six million dollar state-of-the-art 911 system a study revealed that some callers were being put on hold for as long as 8 minutes.
  • If someone is there trained in CPR when you collapse, your survival rate doubles or triples.
  • You have less than 8 minutes to get help for a cardiac victim. Every minute that elapses after cardiac arrest lessens your chance for surviving.
  • Studies reveal that fewer than 4 percent of cardiac arrest patients will live to be released from the hospital. time is important when it comes to cardiac arrest. 911 saves lives.
  • Cardiac surgeons state that even 35 seconds faster in getting heart attack patients to treatment can prevent serious damage to the heart.

Never Program 9-1-1 into your Speed Dial