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St. John's and Province Reach Deal on 911 Service

A deal has been reached between the province and the City of St. John's on 911 service, after weeks of discussions and debate between sides. The deal will see the St. John's Regional Fire Department handle 911 calls for the entire Avalon Peninsula, according to the NFPA standard. There had been discussion about the RNC taking over that responsibility, and Corner Brook was handling 911 calls from the rural Avalon on a temporary basis while talks stalled.

Mayor Dennis O'Keefe says that once the Premier entered discussions, sticking points were tackled fairly easily.

He says the biggest thing the city wanted was an assurance that the costs associated with the SJRFD operating the 911 service according to NFTA standards would be covered by the government.

The 911 service will be offered province-wide beginning on March 1st.

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